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Over the course of an extremely interesting life, Pralay has tried his hand at a whole range of things, including music, radio, voice overs, academics, corporate and business. 
An IIT, LSE and University of London graduate, Pralay spent 3 years in corporate, 2 years trying to make it in music (in 2000-2) and about 10 years in radio across Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Dubai and London. In 2011, Pralay moved to Goa, and has been there ever since.

Pralay is currently a voiceover artist, podcaster and a business owner, running a chain of salons in Goa with his wife, Bina. He is a singer-songwriter and the lead vocalist for a Bollywood Improv band, Groove Dakshina, in Goa.
Pralay's other interests include Tennis, Badminton, Cycling and world affairs.
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